Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I add the Konica color printer to my Linux desktop?

If you do not have a pin to the copier, please Go to LPL Konica Request Form and request a pin.
Download the driver (you will need your NetID+): LPL Computing Resources
Unzip and untar the file.
Go into the  KMbeuUXv1_13_multi_language directory and run to install the drivers.
Make sure you have cups running and direct your browser to http://localhost:631
Go into the Administration tab and press 'Add printer'. Login as root when asked to do so.
Choose AppSocket/HP JetDirect. Press Continue.

On the connection field enter: socket:// Then press Continue

Next enter a name for your printer, the description and location. These are custom fields and you can fill the fields as you want. Press Continue.

On the next screen you will xhoose the driver. If the driver has been correctly installed, you will see an entry for Konica Minolta. Then press Continue.

Choose Konica Minolta 554e SeriesPS(P) Beu v1.4. Then press 'Add Printer'.

Go with the default options: press 'Set Default Options'.

Your printer has been installed. 
Now we need to configure it. On the same browser, choose to print the page. Choose the printer (in this case mcopier351a). Click on the 'Advanced' tab.
Scroll down and under Output methods: choose 'Secure Print', Under Secure Print ID add any sring you want (remember it, it is case sensitive). You do not need to add a 'Secure Print Password'. Click on 'Account Track'. For Department Code : Nona. For Password add the pin number you received from the business office. Then press 'Print'.

That is it. You should see your desktop sending the file to the Konica Minolta copier.