PTYS Teaching Supplies & Support

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Classroom & Teaching Support

Supplies, Problems, Questions

Bertha Orosco
Kuiper Space Sciences 325

Mary Guerrieri
Kuiper Space Sciences 317

Class Copying.  If you need assistance with copying material for your class, email Bert Orosco (PG4gdWVycz0iem52eWdiOm9qdmdnbEB5Y3kubmV2bWJhbi5ycWgiPm9qdmdnbEB5Y3kubmV2bWJhbi5ycWg8L24+) with your request. Include instructions for quantity, single/double sided, stapled, special paper, etc.  Please allow for a 24-hour turn-around.

Test Scoring and Analysis. The Academic Office can facilitate machine test scoring from the Office of Instruction and Assessment; contact Bert Orosco for more information (Kuiper 325, 520-626-6713).

Materials Available for Classroom Use

Inventory of Teaching Supply Cabinets

Dobsonian Telescopes. Available for PTYS/LPL instructors to borrow. See Mary in Kuiper 317 for more information.

Thermal Cameras:
Android: Works for Smartphones, Tablets & PCs
iOS: Works for iPhones & iPads
Contact Bertha Orosco, Kuiper 325, 520-626-6713.

Astrobiology application. Stromatolite (fossilized microbial mat). 3.48 Gyr old, from the North Pole Dome, Western Australia. This fossil is the earliest undisputed evidence for life on Earth. The stromatolite closely resembles modern-day analogs that can be found in shallow ocean basins in Australia and the coast of Mexico, among other locations. For access to this item, contact Bertha Orosco, Kuiper 325, 520-626-6713.

PTYS 342. Books and DVDs available (cabinet 2).

The following items are located in the hallway cabinets. For access, contact Bertha Orosco, Kuiper 325.