PTYS Academic Office

The LPL Main and Academic Offices are where to go when you’re not sure where to find something at LPL, or whom to ask.

In addition to academic affairs, we can help you with directory updates, directions for accessing and using the LPL Activity & Resource Scheduler (LARS) for room, equipment, and reservations scheduling, photocopying, shipping and mail services, and more.

We’re located in and around room 325 in the Kuiper Space Sciences Building.

Amy Brenton

Academic Advisor
Kuiper 321

Amy serves as academic advisor for PTYS graduate students as well as undergraduate Planetary Science and Astrobiology minors. She coordinates various activities related to the academic program.


Cathy Grijalva

Administrative Associate
Kuiper 323

Cathy is the Administrative Associate for the LPL Head and Director. She also supports other research groups as well as Main Office business functions including building management. 


Mary Guerrieri

Manager, Academic Affairs
Kuiper 317

Mary manages the Academic Office. She coordinates the academic program (including admissions, advising, and financial aid), special events and programs, and faculty affairs. 

Bertha Orosco

Administrative Associate
Kuiper 325

Bert is the point of contact for inquiries and requests from faculty, staff, and the public. She manages room and equipment reservations, colloquia & journal club schedules and announcements, office supplies, FAX & FedEx, and class copying requests. Bert is also the primary contact for AV classroom/conference room support.

Joshua Sosa

Web Designer/Developer

Joshua maintains, designs and develops the websites for LPL.