Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Computer Facilities

These printers are available for LPL public use in the Kuiper Space Sciences Building:

Location Queue Name(s) Printer Type Output Type IP Address
Room 235 (hall) hp277-235area black-white
Room 542 (hall) hp5thfloor black-white single-sided / duplex
Room 351A hp3525-351a color single-sided / duplex
Room 444 (hall) hp277-444 black-white single-sided / duplex
Room 351A Konica Minolta C554e color single-sided / duplex

To print duplex from a Windows PC or a Mac, use the Print/Print Setup/Print Preview GUI to select double-sided printing. To print duplex from a Solaris machine, use the appropriate -dup queue.

Click here to access the LPL public ftp site: LPL FTP Site and login as Guest.

If your browser will not open the ftp site:

- on a Mac, try Chrome or Firefox instead of Safari or

- on a Mac, click on your Desktop, click Go -> "Connect to Server", enter "" in the pop-up, click Connect, and Login as Guest.

- on Linux/UNIX, open a terminal or command window, issue the command "ftp" , and login as anonymous.

To download files from the ftp site using a browser or GUI interface:

 login as Guest, double-click into the pub folder, then the lpl folder, then the appropriate folder and click the file of your choice to start the download.

To download files from the ftp site using a terminal or command window:

login as anonymous and cd pub/lpl/, cd to the appropriate directory, and use the get or mget command to download a file or files.

If you would like to create a directory to share files on the LPL ftp site, please contact LPL Systems.

The UA HPC offers free high performance computing resources in the Research Data Center (RDC), a state-of-the-art facility that hosts large computer clusters. Accounts are available for all University faculty for the purpose of research; faculty can sponsor accounts for staff, students, and visiting scholars. To get started, go toIT High Performance Computing or HPC Documentation

LPL's Planetary Atmospheres Computing and Modeling ANalysis (PACMAN) is a 28-node (448-cpu) cluster. PACMAN is available to the Barman research groups.

LPL's High Performance Astrophysics Simulator (HiPAS) is a 48-node (384-cpu) cluster. HiPAS is available to the Giacalone, Malhotra, and Yelle research groups.

PIRL (Planetary Image Research Laboratory) HPC clusters are available for use by those who have a PIRL user account. To get started, visit PIRL Laboratory Resources.

Click here to see the University of Arizona's electronic privacy policy: 

UA Electronic Privacy Policy

Here is the bottom line, quoted from the above Policy: 

"University-owned or -controlled computers and equipment are public property and may be examined by authorized individuals to detect improper, illegal, or non-governmental use; to evaluate the security of the network; or for other governmental purposes. Please be aware that any information placed or stored in a University-owned or -provided computer is subject to review by the University at any time."

Click here to see the University of Arizona's policy for acceptable use of computers and networks:

UA Acceptable Use of Computers and Networks Policy