Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Benefits and HR

Most of the information a new employee might need can be found at the U of A "New to the U" website. For any other additional questions on general new employee policies or procedures, please contact UA Human Resources or Adriana Kelly in the LPL Business Office, Kuiper 339.

Per Risk Management policy, anyone who drives for University business and/or drives a University vehicle must register with Risk Management and attend an approved course in defensive driving prior to being authorized to drive on University business. Visit Risk Management Service - Defensive Driving Training for more information.

Visit the EDGE Learning site to enroll in Defensive Driver Certification. Log in with Net ID.

Contact Adriana Kelly in the LPL Business Office, Kuiper 339: PG4gdWVycz0iem52eWdiOm5neHJ5eWxAeWN5Lm5ldm1iYW4ucnFoIj5uZ3hyeXlsQHljeS5uZXZtYmFuLnJxaDwvbj4=, 520-621-4497.

For more information about your health benefits visit UA Human Resources Employee Benefits .

Information about RA/TA benefits, including tuition remission, health insurance, etc., is available online from the Graduate College.

Graduate student parents are encouraged to consider applicable family care programs from UA Life & Work Connections, ranging from individual consultations and referrals, to Child Care Subsidy & Housing Program, lactation resources, and a University-subsidized Sick Child and Emergency/Back-up Care Program. Visit UA Life & Work to learn more about student child care and related programs.

Please also review resources listed on UA Graduate College New And Current Students, including child care subsidies and family friendly information. The Graduate College is dedicated to promoting and strengthening family relationships. Many resources have been designed to help graduate students balance and manage family, work, and school.

If you are receiving salary or wages from the University of Arizona, you can establish Direct Deposit from UAccess Employee/Manager Self Service. Once logged in using your netID, go to Self Service (under Main Menu), then Payroll and Compensation, then Direct Deposit.

If you are a student who is not receiving salary or wages, you can establish Direct Deposit from your UAccess Student Center account.

  • Once logged in using your netID:
  • Click on the Account Inquiry link (under the Finances / My Account)
  • Click on the Web Refund Enrollment tab
  • Enter your direct deposit information
  • Click Enroll

The University of Arizona Classified Staff or University Staff Human Resource Policy Manual is available online at:

UA Classified Staff Human Resources Policy Manual

UA University Staff Human Resources Policy Manual

The University of Arizona Handbook for Appointed Personnel is available online at:

UA University Handbook for Appointed Personnel

University policies and procedures are posted online at: UA University Policies

The Ombuds Program at the University of Arizona is an informal, neutral, confidential and independent resource for any academic or workplace concern. Visiting an ombuds can help you to understand a University policy, access appropriate individuals or resolve conflicts with other members of the University community. For more information, visit UA Ombuds.

There are many resources available to the faculty and staff who work at the University of Arizona, including information available at the three links below:

All university policies are available online here: UA University Policies

There are many resources available to the faculty and staff who work at the University of Arizona, including information available at the two links below:

The University of Arizona is committed to creating and maintaining a work and learning environment that is safe, inclusive and free of discriminatory conduct prohibited by the Nondiscrimination and Anti-harassment Policy. The Office of Institutional Equity (OIE) leads efforts to promote and uphold this policy and its goals, foster equity and opportunity, strengthen relationships across diverse groups, and support a campus culture of equality for all members of the University community.

Refer to the OIE web site for training and outreach, policies and procedures, and reporting and complaint investigations.

The University of Arizona offers various new employee orientations and trainings. For information about life at LPL, contact your supervisor, your administrative support staff, and Adriana Kelly in the Kuiper Business Office (Kuiper 339, 520-621-4497). LPL provides a New Employee Resource document, available from LPL Business Office forms

Orienting New Employees

Once a new employee is hired, an orientation partnership begins between the University and the employee to help the employee enjoy a successful and satisfying work/life experience.

An effective orientation should be on-going and not limited to the first few weeks of work. As a new employee, you should work closely with your supervisor and other colleagues in your unit or department to ensure that you have all the information and resources you will need to feel comfortable and prepared. A New Employee Checklist (PDF) is available to help you track your orientation progress.

As a new employee of the University of Arizona, there are many orientation activities available to assist you with your transition. Arizona Public Service Orientation was designed to acquaint you with some of the formal orientation programs offered on campus.

Information about obtaining a UA CatCard is on the CatCard Office site. You will need a CatCard before obtaining keys to an office in Kuiper or Sonett.

To obtain your CatCard you must visit the CatCard Office located in the Student Union. Please be prepared with the following:

  • A government or state issued photograph identification such as a driver's license, state identification card, or passport. High school issued identification is NOT accepted as valid identification.
  • A completed and signed CatCard Terms and Conditions Form (PDF)
  • Students and affiliates pay $25 for their first card.
  • Faculty and staff are issued their first CatCard free of charge.

Please Note: When you apply for your CatCard, you will need to provide your student or employee identification number to verify your status at the University of Arizona. This information is needed because only students, faculty, staff, and some affiliates of the University of Arizona are eligible to receive a CatCard. This number will not appear on the face of your CatCard, but it will be encoded electronically on your card, to be used for necessary UA internal purposes only. The number will not be provided to outside entities without your prior consent.


  • Students must be enrolled in at least one class, or be participating in a New Student Orientation.
  • New employees must have been issued an employee identification number (EmplID) and show active status in the payroll system.

Yes, the Kuiper building has a gender neutral bathroom located in room 207A.

Depending on your job and title, there are several trainings and orientations you will need to complete (PCard training, Travel orientations, Conflict of Interest, ITAR, etc). Some of the university require trainings must be completed as part of the onboarding process and are linked from the New Employee Info Form.

Note especially:

There is a lactation room located on the second floor of the Kuiper building. Contact the LPL Business Office (Kuiper 339) for information and access.