Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

UA Services

Yes! NetID+ is required when logging in to UA services (e.g., UAccess, UA email) as of:

  • April 3, 2018 for all UA Staff and DCCs
  • April 10, 2018 for all UA Faculty
  • May 15, 2018 for all retirees
  • October 2018 for all students

(This has nothing to do with your LPL, PIRL, or OREx email or server accounts; they remain unchanged.)

What is NetID+?

  NetID+ is a two-step authentication process for logging in to UA services (e.g, UAccess, UA email).

How To Use NetID+

  • Enroll or manage your NetID+ account on the UA NetID+ website
  • Then when you login to a UA service with your NetID and password, you will have the option to:
    • Click an app. Install the Duo app on your smartphone or tablet. You'll get a notification to open the Duo app and click a green Accept button.
    • Get a phone call on an enrolled smartphone, cell phone, or landline. Answer the phone call and press 1 to login.
    • Enter a code. Get a list of codes texted to you or print a list of codes from the NetID+ website and enter one of these codes to login. 
    • Use a Yubikey USB device. Plug it in to your computer and tap it to automatically fill in a passcode to login.

For more details, see documentation on the UA IT NetID+ page.

If you are periodically out of cell phone range or have no smartphone, easiest is to purchase and use a Yubikey device.

Yubikey 4, Yubikey 4 Nano and Yubikey Neo will all work with NetID+.

For enrollment check: UA IT NetID+ (Plus) Enrollment Using Yubikey

For login check: UA IT NetID+ (Plus) Login Using Yubikey
Instead of using a Yubikey, you can generate bypass codes to use as a second factor of authentication and keep a printed copy of them in your wallet. You will receive 10 codes at a time; remember to cross them out as you use them since each code can only be used once. If you trust the computer you are logging into, you can use the Remember me for 30 days checkbox.

For downloading: UA IT NetID+ (Plus) Bypass Codes



All UA employees, student workers, and Designated Campus Colleagues (DCCs) with UA NetIDs are required to complete annual online security awareness training.

Retirees are required to complete the training annually if they use UA online resources (including email), teach, or do research in an emeritus position.

Instructions for registering and launching the training are available on the IT Awareness Completion Instructions page.

More information can be found on the Information Security website.

The training takes about 40 minutes. Don’t have 40 minutes of interrupted time? You can save your progress and return later to complete.

Please contact LPL Systems if you have any questions or need help registering and launching the training.

Zoom is the official service for audio and video conferencing for UA staff, faculty, and students.

To get started, log in at:

How to use Zoom

Important! Keep your Zoom client up to date

Zoom meeting hosts, stay secure by using: UA's zoom security options or Zoom's secure settings.

If you encounter issues using Zoom, contact UITS 24/7 IT Support at the IT Support Center website or (520) 626-TECH (8324).

Check out these practical and comprehensive UA Information Security tips:

For students: IT Security for Students

For faculty and staff: IT Security for Faculty and Staff

Here is the central location for updates and guidance from the University of Arizona on the novel coronavirus COVID-19:

UArizona COVID-19 Response