Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I send a FedEx package?

Kuiper building FedEx/UPS packages are delivered and picked-up from the LPL Business Office, Kuiper 339.

  1. FedEx shippers can print their own labels and establish billing with an FRS account number on the FedEx website.
  2. To schedule pickup, call 1-800-GOFEDEX (1-800-463-3339) and enter FedEx account number plus type of service required and time of pickup.

For detailed information or assistance regarding account numbers, etc., contact your group's administrative assistant or Kari Figueroa in the LPL Business Office (PG4gdWVycz0iem52eWdiOnhuZXZmQHljeS5uZXZtYmFuLnJxaCI+eG5ldmZAeWN5Lm5ldm1iYW4ucnFoPC9uPg==; 520-626-9007).