Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is TADA?

For the complete TADA policy and information on procedures, visit Graduate College Temporary Alternative Duty Assignments for Graduate Assistants/Associates.

Temporary Alternative Duty Assignments for Graduate Assistants/Associates

While changing duties for family-related needs is not required and may not be feasible in all circumstances, deans, directors, department heads, advisors and faculty shall make every reasonable effort to meet the family-related needs of graduate assistants/associates (GA's), to the greatest possible extent, and in a manner consistent with the effective and efficient operation of the University. Similarly, GA's are expected to be flexible and plan ahead to the extent possible. 

Recognizing that some family circumstances may require special flexibility, GA's may request a temporary alternative duty assignment (no more than 6 weeks during one’s entire graduate education). The alternative duties should make it feasible to remain active as a GA under the following circumstances: the responsibility to care for the GA's newborn child or newly-placed adopted or foster child or the need to provide temporary care to the GA’s spouse/domestic partner, child or parent who has a serious health condition.

During the period of temporary assignment to alternative duties, the full-time equivalency (FTE) will remain unchanged and the GA will be compensated at the same rate of pay for all hours worked. GA's are classified as exempt employees, so their pay is not based on number of hours worked but for the whole job, regardless of the amount of time or effort required to complete the work.