Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How are outside fellowship awards (NSF, NESSF) supported at PTYS/LPL?

In the case where a student has a scholarship funded by outside sources (whether it be NSF GRPF, NASA NESSF, foreign government, Graduate College, or other non-departmental source),  the department policy is to cover financial disparities relating to health insurance and tuition remissions by the university as follows:

1. Scholarship recipients must be employed at least ¼ time as either a TA or RA to obtain student health insurance and a 50% tuition remission. In this case, the remaining 50% tuition remission is covered by the department, first using the GRS/GTS fund, and then departmental overhead. If a student is employed as a ¼ time TA or RA during the Spring semester, then that student’s health insurance is also covered for the summer.

2. Scholarship recipients are eligible to receive summer support unless:

a. the terms of their scholarship say otherwise or

b. the combination of their stipend plus their ¼ time TA or RA salary is equal to or greater than a ½ time RA or TA salary with full summer support.

Students should be aware that the annual stipend provided with many scholarships is intended as compensation for the entire year, not just the academic year.

In no case will we attempt to adjust salaries so that everyone is “receiving the same amount”; our aim is to attempt to maintain equity within the LPL/UA allocations and to ensure that winners of scholarships or fellowships are not penalized financially.